“Lightening Lentil Soup” from “Food”

Anna: As the name suggests, this is described as a very quick soup to make.

Peter: And was it?

Anna: Well I managed to rustle it up in the last 10 minutes of Louis’s nap time so yes, I’d say this is a fair descriptor. I’m not sure I’m overly thrilled with it though.

Peter: I think it’s nice. It’s not as worthy as some lentil soups can be. It has a nice sweetness to it.

Anna: I just don’t think it’s filling enough. You expect lentil soup to be filling. The minestrone was a much more satisfying bowl of soup. I expect it’s because there isn’t enough lentils. One tin for a recipe that serves 4 doesn’t seem enough to me.

Peter: So does speed triumph over satisfaction?

Anna: In soup, as generally in life, no.

“Lightening Lentil Soup” from “Food”

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