“Butter Bean Gravy Stew” from “Food”

Anna: This is a bit dirty. If you can count a vegetarian dish as dirty.

Peter: The stuffed jalepenos that you love so much are dirty and they don’t have any meat in them.

Anna: You’re right! Of course you wouldn’t find this meal in Iceland, though it does feel a bit reminiscent of a Spar ready-meal circa. 1981. It feels wrong but it tastes very nice.

Peter: It’s certainly stewy. And the butterbeans are a bit like dumplings. But it would be improved enormously by the addition of some meat.

Anna: It has a veggie burger in it. Did you notice?

Peter: No. That explains the mystery of the Quorn burgers arriving in the shop.

Anna: Well I would consider having this again. And I didn’t think I’d say that.

“Butter Bean Gravy Stew” from “Food”

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