“Mexican Bean Tortilla” from “Feast”

Anna: I thought these would need cheese but they are lush just as they are. And I don’t use the word ‘lush’. Ever.

Peter: They were very different to the regular quesadilla we have. They are a bit like a soft-based pizza.

Anna: I would say these are like tostadas. But without the meat and the cheese. One was definitely enough for me… they are filling little buggers.

Peter: They were definitely more filling than they looked. I liked the combination of the lime juice and the salt. I think the beans could have been a bit cloying without the lime juice kick.

Anna: So would you be happy to have these again instead of our usual quesadillas?

Peter: Well these seem more like a proper meal. So yes, I would.

“Mexican Bean Tortilla” from “Feast”

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