“Lip-smacking Minestrone” from “Food”

Peter: This reminds me of the soup your mother makes that you like, pasta and thingy.

Anna: Pasta e fagioli. It does have pasta in it. But that’s about where the similarities end. My mother makes a mean minestrone too, and I think this recipe could rival it.

Peter: It’s quite filling. You could eat it for dinner if you had a big enough bowlful.

Anna: High praise indeed! It certainly goes a long way. We’ll be having our third day’s lunch on it tomorrow. I added some of the yellow courgette we had left from France to it today. That’s what’s so nice about minestrone, you can just keep topping it up with whatever veg you’ve got kicking around.

Peter: Is it healthy? It seems to have a lot of greens in it.

Anna: Very. I used my mother’s secret ingredient though, adding a parmesan rind to the pot. It makes it a little less healthy but adds a yumminess that’s more than worth it!

“Lip-smacking Minestrone” from “Food”

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