“Guacamole” from “Food”

If you would like to try Mary’s version yourself, the recipe can be found here in Google Books.

Oh, guacamole. How I love you.

When we were newlyweds, I thought that making guacamole was the height of culinary talent. I made it pretty frequently too. But sadly, guacamole fell off our culinary radar. These days guacamole is not part of our regular rotation of meals, which I think is a shame. (I did make it during the Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals month, but the post doesn’t even mention the guacamole. I think this was down to the fact that the dessert was so epically bad.)

I was inspired to make Mary McCartney’s guacamole only because I found some perfectly ripe avocados reduced at the local store. Any veteran guacamole maker will tell you that ripe avocados are the only way you will end up with a successful guacamole. It doesn’t work with avocados that aren’t ripe yet, and therefore are impossible to mash to the right consistency.

So how did Mary McCartney’s recipe compare? At first, I thought she reinvented the wheel, for telling us to use Tobasco sauce rather than chopping up a chilli to give the guacamole a kick. But then I looked up my old standby guacamole recipe in “The New Basics Cookbook” and they said to do the same thing. Like I said, it’s been a long time since I made it for myself.

Regardless, it was a good solid recipe and it did the job. I’m not sure you can actually be novel when it comes to guacamole. But it sure is a fine way to perk up a summer night.

Apologies that this post isn’t in the usual format. But we spent all of the dinner talking about Team GB’s gold medal haul and Team USA’s position on top of the leader board in the Olympics, and not about the food. Once the Olympic hoopla is over, I’m sure normal service will resume.

“Guacamole” from “Food”

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