“Cheese and Aubergine Oven Bake” from “Food”

If you would like to make this yourself, the recipe is posted on Food24 here. Enjoy.

Andrew (12): So this is from the new cookbook?

Maureen (enthusiastically): Yes! A month of vegetarianism. This should be interesting.

Andrew: Hmmm. Is all I can say. Then I want you to write, “Andrew pulls an unamused face.” [Andrew pulls an unamused face.]

Nicholas (9): I think it’s false advertising to call the cookbook “Food” but for it to be only vegetarian recipes.

Maureen: I don’t think it’s a bad thing that we eat more vegetables. It’s probably not a bad thing to try. Now what do you think of this?

Tim: I think it’s great.

Maureen: I think it’s lovely.

Andrew: I’m making an unamused face.

Nicholas: It gives me shivers down my spine.

Maureen: You haven’t even tried it yet! This is just like chicken parmigiana, which you love. In fact, I would call this eggplant parmigiana, but Mary wouldn’t.

Andrew (having now tried it): It’s quite good, I must admit. Write, “Andrew pulls a smiley face.” [Andew pulls a smiley face.]

Tim: Is there a lot of cheese?

Maureen: There is a fair amount in there, but it is called “cheese bake.” The evidence is in the name.

Tim: I’m just wondering about the health benefits of this over meat. Given how much cheese is in there, they can’t be that great, surely.

Maureen: Well, at least it’s not red meat, and having a vegetarian dinner ensures that we get enough vegetables today.

Andrew: Do you think there are any unicorn tears in this, Dad?

Tim: Yes! But it’s got to be said that no unicorns were harmed in the making of this dish. Since it’s vegetarian.

Maureen: Would you like for me to make it again? I’ve always loved eggplant parmigiana. I would eat this all the time, if I could.

Tim: Yes. I liked it.

Andrew: I thought it was quite good, but I wouldn’t want to have it in the regular rotation of dinners.

Nicholas: I think it’s just OK.

Maureen: For someone who claims to be a vegetarian from time to time, I have to say that you are rubbish at it.

“Cheese and Aubergine Oven Bake” from “Food”

3 thoughts on ““Cheese and Aubergine Oven Bake” from “Food”

  1. njba says:

    Already nine and across the law of false advertising? Impressive. I can’t help but think goat cheese is the 2012 version of the early 2000s vegetarian classic the ‘baked vegetable stack’

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    It was delicious as a leftover too. I will definitely be making this again. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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