“Tarragon Chicken” from “Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter”

Andrew (12): This is very nice. I would definitely have it again.

Nicholas (9): I’m still eating my corn! I love corn on the cob.

Maureen: Corn on the cob definitely means that it’s summer. Even if it has been raining an awful lot.

Nicholas: Now I can eat the chicken.

Andrew: I would say the chicken is the best bit.

Tim: I liked it, but there was nothing to distinguish it from any other tarragon chicken.

Maureen: This version is slightly different from the Rachel O Rachel tarragon chicken [Editor’s Note: Actually, she’s Rachel Allen. But she’ll be forever Rachel O Rachel in our hearts] but I think I like that version more.

Tim: This one appears to have no unicorn tears added.

Maureen: Agreed.

Andrew: There were no unicorn tears? That’s a major fault. Like on your driver’s test. If you make a major fault, it’s an automatic fail. No unicorn tears equals major fault equals automatic fail.

Nicholas: When it was cooking it smelled really good and I was really looking forward to it. I expected the sauce to be really, really good but now that I’ve had it, I think it’s just OK. I’m disappointed.

Maureen: I think we all agree about that.

“Tarragon Chicken” from “Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter”

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