“Mummy’s Toad in the Hole” from “Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter”

Maureen: What does everybody think? It’s a new kind of Toad in the Hole.

Andrew: It’s good.

Nicholas: Yup. Good.

Tim: It’s fine, but (shrugs), it doesn’t have any unicorn tears in it.

Maureen: What do you mean by that?

Tim: I mean that it’s not special. Unicorn tears– real or imaginary– would make it special. This dish obviously lacks them.

Maureen: But the boys seem to like it.

Nicholas: Actually, I think it’s in the middle.

Andrew: Do you mean a Nicholas, “in the middle” (meaning he doesn’t like it) or a proper “in the middle.”

Nicholas: A proper in the middle. It’s just OK.

Maureen: I’m with you, it’s just OK. I like that you make patties out of the sausages. It solves the problem of traditional toad in the hole, where the sausages never colour correctly. But she calls it, “Mummy’s Toad in the Hole.” It would be churlish to suggest that she’s lying about that, but Nigella Lawson uses the same sort of method in “Kitchen.” Could it be that Nigella stole it from Lisa Faulkner’s mum? SCANDAL! But doubtful. It could just be an alternative way of making Toad in the Hole, but since we’re not British born and it wasn’t on the citizenship test, we don’t know.

Tim: Didn’t we review Toad in the Hole for Jamie’s Great Britain?

Maureen: We did indeed, but I decided to call it, “Deconstructed Toad in the Hole.” I suggested that his method– making the sausages separate from the Yorkshire Pudding– didn’t really make it Toad in the Hole. Believe it or not, we had some Jamie Fans rushing to his defense.

Tim: Well, that was silly. It’s not Toad in the Hole if it’s not baked all together.

Maureen: Agreed. So what do you think of this version?

Tim: Well, it doesn’t strike me as dinner.

Maureen: What do you mean?

Tim: It seems more like a breakfast. So the combination of a breakfast meal at dinner and the lack of unicorn tears means I’m unimpressed.

Maureen: I think I will do this again, but try Nigella’s version next time. It might be better.

“Mummy’s Toad in the Hole” from “Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter”

2 thoughts on ““Mummy’s Toad in the Hole” from “Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter”

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      As you know, I say, “If I can’t get it on Ocado, it doesn’t exist.” I’ll have to break the bad news to Tim.

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