“Virgin to Veteran” – our verdict

Anna: This is another one of those books where I was quite excited about it at the beginning and probably didn’t cook as much as I thought I would in the end.

Kirstin: I loved this book. I will keep this book forever.

Anna: Really? Why?

Kirstin: The sausage sauce was a real treat of a recipe to find. And the chicken with the zingy beans will be made for years to come.

Anna: My chilli was very good.

Kirstin: Was it life-changing Anna?

Anna: No, but it was very good; I suspect I will make it again. Peter really enjoyed it.

Kirstin: So many amazing recipes and I didn’t even cook any of the deserts. Ella even liked the fish recipe! I can’t wait to see what Sam Stern comes up with next.

“Virgin to Veteran” – our verdict

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