“Beef Fajitas Harissa-style” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Anna: He’s done a nice little trick with these, marinating the beef in paprika and harissa before grilling gives it a lovely smokey flavour. Close your eyes and it could be coming off of one of those sizzling grills in a Mexican restaurant. Pass me a margarita.

Peter: Could you use any cut of beef for this dish?

Anna: He suggests rump but I suppose any sort of steak would be fine. Did you like the guacamole?

Peter: Yes.

Anna: It was different from my usual, unadulterated version. This had garlic and shallots and chilli in it.

Peter: The problem with this country is getting good avocados.

Anna: Tell me about it. I enjoyed this, but it’s a bit of work getting all the different bits together and I don’t know if I loved it enough to do it again.

Peter: I liked it. But I didn’t have to cook it.

“Beef Fajitas Harissa-style” from “Virgin to Veteran”

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