“Spatchcock and Sides” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Andrew (12): That chicken is some good eating!

Tim: I would definitely want to have this again.

Nicholas (9): I would want to have it again, but not with the coleslaw. Just with carrots.

Andrew: Same.

Maureen: You guys need to go to more American picnics, where coleslaw is considered its own food group in the summer. It’s all delicious.

Tim: This is a plate full of yum. The grilled vegetables are also really good too.

Maureen: Yes, but we’re not talking about those. I can’t stop eating this chicken, it’s so good.

Tim: I think it’s way better on the grill than it would be on the grill pan.

Maureen: I agree. But it also helps that it’s really sunny and beautiful, which we haven’t had very much of these last couple of months.

Tim: You also like the grilled halloumi. As far as your concerned, any meal with grilled halloumi is a winner.

Maureen: That’s true. I would definitely make this again, though. It was really easy, even if it did make my hands all orange.

Maureen: Also, it helped that I had the fine gentlemen of Drings spatchcock the chicken for me. That made my life much easier. It also make it easier to cook it evenly on the grill.

“Spatchcock and Sides” from “Virgin to Veteran”

3 thoughts on ““Spatchcock and Sides” from “Virgin to Veteran”

  1. annastamour says:

    This looks fab, and I’m planning to do it for some friends in a couple of weeks… if we ever get some sun… or just no rain. Harumph. Anyway, I always get a bit frightened of how to carve spatchcock chickens. What did you do?

    1. TCAR says:

      They practically break apart. The wings pull right off. Cut away the thighs and legs in one piece. With remaining carcass breast side up, cut down the centre to the breast plate then carve along the ribs to pull the breast off in piece. Do the same on the other side. Then carve the large breasts into smaller pieces. Voila!

    2. Maureen Stapleton says:

      I was going to say something like, “We just went for it,” but luckily, Tim provided a more specific response. But he’s right when he says they practically break apart. After its time on the BBQ, it comes apart really easily.

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