“The Primrose Bakery Book” – Our Verdict

Kirstin: Well the recipes that have worked have been amazing! Especially those ginger snaps! Wow! But the ones that haven’t, have been a disaster. I will so not be making those brownies again, for instance. Thank you Anna for rescuing me.

Anna: Yes, my raspberry coconut slices whilst yummy, were a bit of a mess. That might be fault for using frozen raspberries, of course.

Maureen: The recipes for the caramel slices and the flourless chocolate cake were both terrific. I will definitely be making those again.

Anna: And I might make the triple layer caramel cake again. If I have a spare day.

Kirstin: I think this book could have done with a little more proof reading. The directions were sometimes a little vague.

Maureen: “A little vague” is a really nice way of saying, “sometimes nonexistent.” The caramel slices were absolutely fantastic, but I’d really like to see directions more specific than, “grease a large rectangular baking tin.” In the end, I went for the one that I had, but never really knew if I had the right one.

Anna: How do you think this compares to the Hummingbird Book?

Kirstin: It’s not as good, I am afraid to say.

Maureen: I agree with Kirstin. There definitely were flashes of brilliance in “The Primrose Bakery Book” but overall, the Hummingbird book was better.

“The Primrose Bakery Book” – Our Verdict

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