Field Trip to the Primrose Hill Bakery

Kirstin: I always feel as if I am on holiday when I come to Primrose Hill.

Anna: I remember the days when you used to live here, Kirstin.

Kirstin: Those were the days, eh? Britpop. Medical school exams. Tom processing films in the bathroom.

Maureen: We looked for a place around here too. It’s such a beautiful part of town.

Anna: I remember coming to the Primrose Bakery a few years back with you Kirstin.

Maureen: I think we should get some of those chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, Anna.

Kirstin: I think I’ll get two small cupcakes, so I can always have more later!

Anna: Hmmm. I love the idea of these, but they’re not living up to my hopes and dreams!

Maureen: Yes, the icing is good but the cake is very dense and heavy.  Hey, Anna. Did you see their raspberry slice?

Anna: Yes, it looked much better than my version.

Kirstin: I honestly don’t know how they work in there with that wonderful aroma. I would spend my whole day dreaming up cupcakes!

Maureen: How were your cupcakes, Kirstin?

Kirstin: Perfectly yummy. I do so love mini cupcakes. And I do love a bit of Jubilee Mania!

Anna: I’m taking the Earl Grey and Chocolate cupcakes home to continue my sampling.

Maureen: We should have regular foodie trips together!

Anna: I’m up for that!

Kirstin: Me too!

Maureen: And Louis has been such a star today.

Kirstin: Yes he has been Anna. We need to take him on more adventures!

Anna: Looks like he’s finally having a nap!

Field Trip to the Primrose Hill Bakery

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