“Brownies” from “The Primrose Bakery Book”

Nancy: This is a rather eggy brownie, gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Kirstin: I had a total nightmare with this recipe. For a start it doesn’t say how big the tin should be. And then half way through the recipe it starts talking about using two tins. And at one point it told me to beat the eggs and vanilla extract gently. How does one do that, I wonder, but the real disaster was that it needed a tablespoon of baking powder and 6 eggs, which I felt was a little excessive. Of course then it looked totally mad in the oven, but who is to say I should have used a smaller tin?

Nancy: It’s very rich. And all the baking powder and eggs might explain the spongey texture. I have to say a prefer a chewier or cakier brownie rather than this which is almost like a soufflĂ©.

Kirstin: Thank goodness I rang Anna who told me what to do as the mixture started to go over the top of the tin in the oven. She told me to switch off the oven and leave it in there. So I had a quick lunch with Anna and then came back to a brownie which at least had a semi-solid consistency. Put it this way, I will not be using this recipe again. I think I’ll take it to Aldeburgh this weekend. I’m sure Zoe would like some while she knits!

“Brownies” from “The Primrose Bakery Book”

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