The Return of the Naked Chef – our verdict

Anna: Well, I enjoyed this month if only I was 27 again!

Kirstin: Oh yes! I totally know what you mean.

Anna: Quite a lot of the recipes from this book I still cook anyway. But it was lovely to have the excuse to do some of the others again.

Kirstin: I think I tried more recipes back in the day than I do now. But that could be because I cook with the kiddies in mind nowadays.

Anna: I think it’s true. Our lifestyles have changed somewhat. In those days, I had just got my own flat, Peter and I had just started courting and it was all about having people around for dinner.

Kirstin: I remember those days with great fondness.

Anna: I think the thing for me is that this is Jamie at its best. Bring back the old Jamie, that’s what I say.

Kirstin: As Georgia said in a previous post, “Do you know, I don’t think we would be where we are now, without Jamie and his handful of this and that.” So true.

The Return of the Naked Chef – our verdict

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