“Fantastic Fish Pie” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

If you would like to make “Fantastic Fish Pie” for yourself– and I highly recommend that you do– you can find the recipe here.

Maureen: Yum! Jamie’s fish pie. We love this.

Andrew (12): We do?

Nicholas (8): Are you sure?

Maureen: I could not be more sure. In fact, when I made the “Happy Fish Pie” from “Jamie’s Great Britain” we spent a lot of the meal saying this one was better.

Andrew: I really don’t remember that. But whatevs. This is nice.

Nicholas: I think this is in the middle.

Maureen: For the benefit of our readers, when you say, “In the middle,” do you mean again that you don’t like it, or you aren’t sure about it?

Nicholas: I’m not sure.

Maureen: I really don’t know how you could be undecided. This has handfuls of cheddar cheese and double cream in it. What’s not to like?

Nicholas: I don’t know. I’m just not sure.

Maureen: Well, I think it’s delicious. It’s perfect for a cold rainy day, which we’ve had a lot of lately. Should I make it again?

Andrew: Why not?

Nicholas: I’m not sure.

Andrew: You’re not sure about many things today, are you?

Maureen: I can assure you that we’ll be having this again. Maybe you’ll remember it next time. But I doubt it.

“Fantastic Fish Pie” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

2 thoughts on ““Fantastic Fish Pie” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

  1. foodelf says:

    Hi, Maureen – I’ve got this recipe in my sights; just wondering, having just made it – do you think going half milk and half cream would be an issue? I’ve often found that reducing the amount of cream hasn’t made much, if any difference to the finished dish. A

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    I’m sure you could do that, particularly since there’s so much cheese in it that also adds to the creaminess. I’m just a sucker for any and all dairy products, so I always go whole hog. Let me know how it works out though; I’m curious.

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