“The Family Meal” – Our Verdict

Maureen: This book has been a DISASTER!

Kirstin: You have been much better than me though. I gave up on week 2. I think it was when I saw your chocolate biscuits post that I lost the will to live.

Maureen: Yes, that was yet another epic disaster from this cookbook.

Kirstin: So, I hope he doesn’t actually feed his staff these menus. I would be really pissed off.

Maureen: Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it’s the maths of scaling the meal down that is the problem. Maybe if we had a staff of 100 these recipes would work great, but since we’re only feeding 4 they don’t work.

Kirstin: Yes, you have a good point there. I still think it’s a rubbish book. It will be going to the charity shop.

Maureen: Also I think the problem is this is more normal food as opposed to the normal gastronomy to the usual food he makes.

Kirstin: It almost put me off the idea of going to the restaurant, even though I know it’s closed. If he can’t get the basics right then what hope does he have with fancier food?

Maureen: I was never on the El Bulli bandwagon anyway where food is less like food and more like performance art.

Kirstin: So we should do Heston’s book next month then, right? It says it’s a family book….kidding!

“The Family Meal” – Our Verdict

2 thoughts on ““The Family Meal” – Our Verdict

  1. Glad I missed this book! I have been fighting a horrible flu and have not been up on blogs. Looking forward to the next book. Good or bad recipes, you two make me smile.

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