“Mackerel & Potato Stew” from “The Family Meal”

Maureen (looking over at the plate of Andrew, 12): Gold star for Andrew! He ate all the fish.

(Andrew puts his arms in the air, triumphantly.)

Tim: Did you like it, Andrew?

Andrew: Meh. I thought there were too many small irritating bones.

Where did our bodies go? Oh, wait, I know. Into the stew.

Maureen: That comment is fair enough. I agree.

Tim: Well, I like it.

Maureen: What do you like about it?

Tim: I like that it is good for me.

Maureen: Good for you is different from just good.

Tim: OK. Let me think about it. I like the texture and I like the taste. Don’t you?

Maureen: I agree that it tastes good, but I wonder if it would be better if the fish were filleted.

Tim: You could get the fishmonger to do that for you, but they’re nothing really.

Andrew: Yes, but the smallest things pack the biggest punch.

Tim: Was it a faff to make?

Maureen: Absolutely. There was a lot of chopping. Also, you have to make aioli from scratch, which I’ve never done. This aioli is delicious, but before I even got started, I needed to scale down the amount made from 1.5 litres. I’m sorry, but I can’t ever see a time in my life where I would need that much aioli. Unless maybe I was running a restaurant and I needed to feed the staff every night.

Tim: I think the homemade aioli made all the difference.

Maureen: Thanks! Me too.

Tim: I loved it. Let’s make this again, please.

Maureen: We’ll see.

“Mackerel & Potato Stew” from “The Family Meal”

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