“Sausages with Mushrooms” from “The Family Meal”

Tim: Yum!

Andrew (12): This smells great.

Maureen: This is really good, but it’s got to have one of the least inspiring names for a dinner. Sausages with mushrooms? While it is accurate, it’s hardly the sort of name that’s going to get you inspired to get the pans out.

Nicholas (8): I like the name I came up with: Sausage meatballs!

Maureen: Yes, that’s a much better name.

Nicholas: I like it, but without the mushrooms.

Maureen: What are you talking about? You haven’t even eaten any mushrooms yet.

Nicholas: When you make this again, you should use the Italian sausages from Drings.

Maureen: I used their Toulouse sausages, which aren’t that different. Good quality sausages are key to this dish, though.

Tim: This is really good with sourdough toast, too. I like piling the mushrooms and sausages on top of it.

Maureen: This is a perfect weeknight meal. It’s easy, it’s really good and it’s quick.

Tim: Finally a winner from The Family Meal!

Maureen: Yes. There’s been some hits, and some misses with this book, but mostly misses. Do you want me to make it again?

Tim: Definitely!

Andrew: Sure.

Nicholas: Yes, but without the mushrooms.

“Sausages with Mushrooms” from “The Family Meal”

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