“Pasta Bolognese” from “The Family Meal”

Miles: I love this pasta mummy!

Tom: Wow. You ate the pasta, and a lot of the sauce!

Ella: That piece of tomato looks like an eyeball. So I’m not going to eat it.

Kirstin: Oh, Ella!

Georgia: It was yummy.

Kirstin: I had to make up the quantities for this, because he talks about kilos of sauce, and then I had an episode with the butter.

Tom: What happened?

Kirstin: I melted the quantity he said, I realised it was too much, I stuck it down the sink, and then it blocked the sink. So I managed to get hot butter all over the kitchen, and I had to unblock the sink. That took up most of my morning, cleaning and unblocking.

Tom: Kilos of sauce? What’s that all about? Industrial catering?

Kirstin: The options are for 2.5kg or 8kg. I’ve never weighed the amount of sauce I’ve made. So I made it up as I went along.

Tom: So you roughly halved the 2.5kg recipe for five people.

Kirstin: Sort of.

Tom: Well, it tasted good. It had carrot in it!

Kirstin: And I’ve got leftovers. I am going to freeze them. Was it as good as the one with the milk? I’m not sure; it was OK, but it wasn’t all that.

Tom: Did you like the other one more?

Kirstin: I did. This wasn’t as tasty and I think I missed the milk.

“Pasta Bolognese” from “The Family Meal”

2 thoughts on ““Pasta Bolognese” from “The Family Meal”

  1. Mick says:

    I didnt use butter at all and less oil, used some smoked bacon and pork, charlottes added and some oregano, that is much better.

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