“Cheeseburger & Potato Crisps” from “The Family Meal”

Maureen: OK. There’s a first for everything. This recipe, from the new cookbook, actually had crisps in the list of ingredients.

Nicholas (8, astounded): CRISPS??!!??

Andrew (12): Really?

Maureen: I know. When I first read the recipe in a list, I thought it meant I was going to have to make them. Nope. I just had to make sure to throw them in the shopping basket.

Nicholas: I am having a double cheeseburger!

Maureen: No, you’re not. It’s just a cheeseburger.

Nicholas: Yes, I am. It is a double cheeseburger because I have two pieces of cheese.

Not Pictured: The Potato Crisps. I completely forgot they were part of the “real meal.” I still can’t get over they were listed as an ingredient in an El Bulli cookbook, regardless if it was the “Family Meal” or not.

Maureen: What do you think of the burgers?

Andrew: They’re OK, but I like the burgers from Drings better.

Maureen: That’s interesting. The mince was from Drings, so it shouldn’t be that different.

Andrew: And yet it is. I like the other ones better.

Nicholas: I like it, but I can’t finish it. Can I save it for later?

Maureen: You can’t finish one cheeseburger?

Nicholas: No. It seems HUGE to me. But I did like the crisps.

Andrew: So did I.

Maureen: I hate to tell you this, but the crisps don’t count. While these were nice, I think in the future, we’ll just get hamburger patties from Dring’s and crisps from just about anywhere.

“Cheeseburger & Potato Crisps” from “The Family Meal”

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