“Roast Chicken with Potato Straws” from “The Family Meal”

Tom: So, what’s different about this chicken recipe?

Kirstin: It’s one of those chicken recipes that doesn’t use any butter where you cook it at a higher heat throughout. And you cook it breast-side down for a bit first.

Tom: Aha. That’s why there’s less crispy skin. Some of it got stuck to the pan.

Kirstin: Yes, sorry about that.

Tom: Well, I shouldn’t really eat an entire chicken’s worth of skin every weekend really. Given that there was no butter, this was very moist.

Miles: Dad, I know what eyeballs look like. They are a white circle.

Kirstin: How do you know about eyeballs, Miles?

Miles: I saw them in the Indiana Jones film!

Tom: Ah. Right. Did you like the chicken, Miles?

Miles: Uh-huh! Yummy in my tummy!

Kirstin: I had to grind up the herbs to put on the chicken, and zest the lemon and put the rest of the lemon inside. And the gravy was sensational!

Tom: It was. That was not from a packet?

Kirstin: No! That was authentic chicken gravy. I just had to boil up the juices, add a bit of wine and a bit of water. Should I do this recipe again?

Tom: Yes, I like it.

Kirstin: But next time I won’t cook it upside down to start with. He said to serve it with potato straws, and I wasn’t what they were. They looked like chips to me, so I got some chips.

“Roast Chicken with Potato Straws” from “The Family Meal”

6 thoughts on ““Roast Chicken with Potato Straws” from “The Family Meal”

  1. Ingrid says:

    I’m curious as to what you mean by “you *got* some chips”? Do you mean you popped down to the local Fish and Chips takeaway joint? I do enjoy the ongoing references to Tom’s unhealthy love of chicken skin. I’ve ordered Rachel Allen’s “Easy Meals” after last month’s blog – looking forward to that. It will be the 5th book that I’m buying based on this blog – Hummingbird, Feast, Bill’s Asian, Hollweg. All fabulous, esp. Hollweg.

    1. Sadly it meant me buying some frozen chips. It felt like the least bad option in the circumstances. I am still using Rachel Allen’s book from last month (I made the slow-roasted pork again last night). Let us know what you think of her book!

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    Don’t feel bad about the frozen chips, K. The recipe I made last night from Family Meal actually listed crisps in the ingredients. The boys were very happy, but me, not so much.

  3. they don’t sell rachel allens book here in the states yet. argh! i wish, i have wanted it badly. chicken is so good… even with frozen chips. yum!!

  4. Ingrid says:

    I picked up my copy of Rachel Allen’s book on Tuesday and I’m very excited! I don’t cook much (because I lack time and skill), but I think this book could actually change that. I love that there are so many things to make from store cupboard ingredients.

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