“Chicken biryani” from “Easy Meals”

Peter: I liked this more than the one we get from the takeaway. I think it’s better.

Anna: How so?

Peter: It’s not greasy. This was quite spicy I noticed. Did you put something extra in it that you shouldn’t have done?

Anna: No, the recipe calls for half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, which is all that I put in. But I’m still using the cayenne that we got in Sydney 4 years ago… maybe its heat is increasing with age.

Peter: It must be vintage.

Anna: I liked this a lot. Another win for Rachel. It was truly quick and easy, and she did this interesting thing with the rice which required it to be pre-soaked in boiling water before adding the chicken, spices and stock. This meant that it actually cooked properly.

Peter: Will you make this again then?

Anna: I’m already planning to. Next week.

“Chicken biryani” from “Easy Meals”

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