“Baked Mushroom Risotto” from “Easy Meals”

If you’d like to make this yourself, the good people of the Good Food Channel have posted the recipe here.

Andrew (12): Is this a new recipe?

Maureen: Yes. It’s from the Rachel Allen book, “Easy Meals.”

Andrew: Oh. That’s why I didn’t like it then.

Tim: Why don’t you like it?

Andrew: It didn’t have the same sort of…. (pause while he mentally searches for the word he wants)

Maureen (trying to help him finish the thought): …Massive amounts of butter and cheese?

Andrew (finally finding the word he wants): Flavour. It doesn’t have the same kind of flavour.

Nicholas (8): I didn’t like it very much.

Tim: I was looking forward to it…

Maureen: I feel a “but” coming on.

Tim: You’re right. There is a but in there. So let me finish. I was looking forward to it, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped.

Maureen: For me, I have a fundamental problem with baked risotto. It always tastes weird. I don’t see why it’s so much trouble to make it the proper way when you have to add the stock and stir. The stirring only takes 17 minutes if you do it correctly. That’s not a very long time, and the payoff is a much more delicious dish than a baked one.

Tim: So I guess you won’t be making it again.

Maureen: You guessed right. The next time I make risotto, I’ll make the traditional one.

“Baked Mushroom Risotto” from “Easy Meals”

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