“Chocolate marshmallow biscuit cake” from “Easy Meals”

Ella: We made this last week too. I liked the bit where I got to kill ginger biscuits with a giant hammer with metal spikes.

Georgia: I really enjoyed cooking this.

Ella: Is that because you are a shiny vampire?

Georgia: I am not a shiny vampire.

Kirstin: What are you two talking about?

Georgia: You know, from Twilight.

Ella: I hate Twilight.

Georgia: Oh my God, how can you not like Twilight? It’s epic, it’s gory, it’s amazing.

Ella: It has kissing.

Georgia: Well, yeah. It is a romance.

Ella: It has kissing.

Kirstin: When you’re both older, I’ll tell you about the subtext too, but for now, tell me about this recipe, which has nothing to do with vampires.

Georgia: It has Wheatley.

Kirstin: Uh-oh, now we’re onto AI’s. OK. Let’s just talk about this recipe, shall we?

Ella: So. We accidentally melted all the marshmallows and it’s looked a little like sick at the end.

Kirstin: Well that’s just delightful, that is.

Georgia: Oh yeah, that was slightly my fault. But it’s going to taste yummy!

Ella: We love eating all the ingredients as we go along too. You can’t go wrong with marshmallows, crunchy bars and chocolate.

Kirstin: Seriously, I cannot wait to try it!

“Chocolate marshmallow biscuit cake” from “Easy Meals”

5 thoughts on ““Chocolate marshmallow biscuit cake” from “Easy Meals”

  1. annastamour says:

    You know I loved this. I dream about this. The girls can make it every week as far as I’m concerned! Well done Ella & G!! x

    1. annastamour says:

      Not that it is going to do the diet any good (diet? hmm… must start thinking about that), but I’ve just made a batch of these as I couldn’t bear it any longer. I have used some Rich Tea biscuits left over from my morning sickness days (only 2 months out of date) and some old marshmallows that have been kicking around the cupboard. Peter’s half have been made with Topic bars rather than Snickers as he doesn’t like peanuts (sigh). Can’t wait to tuck in!!

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