“Pear, almond and chocolate crumble” from “Easy Meals”

Georgia: I’ve yet to warm to Rachel O’Rachel, but I warm to this pudding, for some reason. What’s her thing?

Kirstin: Simple and straightforward. I’ll show you the book.

Georgia: I’ve got one of them, but never cooked anything from it. So how is it organised? Five ingredients or less? Hmmm? Or fewer, surely?

Tom: Ouch! That’s because the supermarket gets it wrong too.

Georgia: I judge a supermarket by whether it gets it right. But I like these categories apart from that. But it makes me think, did she have an editor, though? Nice layout, anyway.

Alex: I’m fascinated by treadmill desks.

Tom: I’m sorry I mentioned them.

Alex: I could get my wife, my mother, everyone, off my back.

Kirstin: Tom, you should have told him about them, after dessert.

Alex: It may not have looked like the most beautiful of puddings, but it was delicious.

Georgia: It’s hard to make a crumble look good. And crumbles normally weigh you down, but this doesn’t. It’s not too sugary. How do you make it? I’m scared of crumble.

Kirstin: It has cholocate chunks instead. I didn’t put cinnamon in as it was optional. This is unusual, because it has almond in it too. You know crumble is really unmade pastry?

Georgia: Rachel’s a bit wholesome looking, isn’t she? Does she live in West London?

Kirstin: That’s what she’s selling. And no, she lives in Ireland!

Georgia: Did you use real pears? Nigella has that pudding with tin pears. It takes nanoseconds.

Kirstin: Yes, I used real pears. I peeled and cored each one. Lovingly. And I would definitely make this recipe again!

“Pear, almond and chocolate crumble” from “Easy Meals”

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