“Chicken and bacon pilaf” from “Easy Meals”

Miles: Is this chicken? It looks a bit like pork. But it’s yummy!

Tom: Are you sure it’s not beeth, Miles? Or beef even?

Miles: No, it’s chicken.

Kirstin: I love this. I would happily eat this every week. I’m not sure why it took so long to cook. I think I got distracted by cats, iMovie and radiators that needed bleeding.

Tom: Chicken, bacon, rice, peas. Four things I love. Yum!

Ella: I like it.

Kirstin: Well then eat some more please! Stop playing with your food! Even Oscar has had more than you!

Oscar: Mwaow.

Tom: He had some earlier. What were those chicken pieces in a bowl?

Kirstin: I had to poach some chicken pieces.

Tom: Well, Oscar grabbed one of them, wrestled it to the floor, killed it, and ate it.

Kirstin: Now he’s licking his lips. Miles, will you try a pea?

Miles: I don’t want to. Does it taste like broccoli?

Kirstin: Yes! Go on, try it!

Miles: It doesn’t smell the same as broccoli! Arghhhh!

Kirstin: It’s just a pea! Try it! I’ll give you a meringue!

Miles: I’m just going to think about it for a sec.

Kirstin: Well make it a fast sec because cold peas aren’t all that.

“Chicken and bacon pilaf” from “Easy Meals”

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