“Beef Pie” from “Easy Meals”

Want to make this yourself? The recipe can be found on MummyPages Ireland here.

Andrew (12): Yum! This is nice!

Maureen (having not tasted it yet): Are you sure you’re my son? This is nothing but beef stew with a pastry lid on top, and you know that beef stew is one of the few foods that I don’t like at all.

Tim: See? Andrew likes it. It’s just like a Goddard’s Pie, which we love. Yum. This is nothing but win.

Maureen (now having had some): Wow. This is surprisingly nice. It’s still just beef stew with a pastry lid, but it is very good.

Tim: For the record, the fact that you’re eating it at all, I consider a win. Maybe it’s because I starved you all day.

Maureen: You’ve got a point there, given how I feel about beef stew. But I didn’t have lunch. Kudos to you for employing the always winning strategy of making someone so hungry so they’ll eat anything. I do it all the time for the boys. It definitely works.

Tim: Yum. I really like this. I would definitely have it again.

Maureen: Was it difficult to make, Chef ‘o the Day?

Tim: No. There was a lot of chopping of vegetables at the outset, but then it was just a slow simmer all afternoon.

Tim: The thing I don’t understand is that it’s supposed to feed eight people. We’ve finished it off and we’re only four people.

Maureen: Maybe we’re supposed to serve something else with it?

Tim: I don’t think so (checking the book). Nope, no mention of any side dishes.

Maureen: Maybe we’re all just very hungry.

Tim: This has to be a plate full of win.

Nicholas (8): I think this is a plate full of OK-ness.

Maureen: Should we have this again?

Tim and Andrew: Yes!

Nicholas: No.

Maureen: We’ll see.

“Beef Pie” from “Easy Meals”

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