“Fish baked with potatoes” from “Easy Meals”

Miles: This fish is delicious!

Georgia: Yum! Yummy!

Tom: I like this a lot. It’s very simple. I was picking crispy bits of potato and onion out of the pan when I was serving it, and now I’m going to have seconds.

Kirstin: This was incredibly easy to make, smelt delicious as it was cooking and tasted good too.

Tom: It’s a bit like sea bass a la Tony Blair from one of Jamie’s first books, isn’t it?

Kirstin: No, it’s not as subtle as Tony Blair. Or as faffy.

Ella: I didn’t particularly like the fish, but I loved the potatoes.

Tom: But you never like fish, do you?

Ella: No, apart from at Aldeburgh when we have fish and chips.

Kirstin: But this is cod too! I suppose you could do this with different kinds of fish. This would be a good holiday recipe. It’s as easy as cooking a roast chicken. You just bung it in the oven with potatoes.

Ella: But I don’t like any kind of fish! I don’t like cod!

Kirstin: But you eat fish and chips and that’s cod. Mad girl! I’m going to make this next week, so you had better start getting used to it! And those softboxes are amazing. I will so be using those from  now on too.

“Fish baked with potatoes” from “Easy Meals”

9 thoughts on ““Fish baked with potatoes” from “Easy Meals”

  1. Georgia says:

    Did you have to cook the potatoes first? I think Jamie always misunderestimates potato cooking time. Surely fish takes no time and potatoes ages!

    1. No, the potatoes went straight into the pan, from being peeled and did not require any boiling or other preparation beforehand. Such an easy evening recipe!

  2. njba says:

    I think cooking time in cookbooks is the great unknown—ovens, stoves and people’s knowledge of cooking terms varies so so much. And subjective like terms like “fairly hot” or “moderately low” are pretty unhelpful. Even one person’s definition of simmer can vary hugely.

    For instance I made lemon delicious puddings last night (a la Bill Granger) and despite having an oven thermometer had to cook them 10 minutes longer to get the recommended ‘lightly golden’ top. Despite this they turned out quite delicious, as perhaps this picture proves: http://explorement.posterous.com/lemon-most-delicious

    On cooking potatoes, I’ve noticed Jamie likes to throw the spuds into a hot pan (so they sizzle a bit) and then pours over boiling water. I’ve always thought you had to boil them from (tap) cold water.

    1. We have a strange oven that can quite often burn things if I’m not careful, so I always undercook everything and then add another 5-10 minutes if necessary.

  3. Ingrid says:

    I made this tonight and it was delicious, effortless and required minimal washing up. I have great hopes for the rest of the book.

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