Cookbook of the month, February 2012, Easy Meals by Rachel Allen

Anna: I am so excited that I’m doing the book this month! Newborn babies and cooking blogs don’t mix unfortunately. Not when you’re eating tortellini every night.

Kirstin: Ah, but this time you will be able to eat things from your store cupboard apparently. I like the look of this book more than her last one.

Anna: I agree. The last one was too fussy for me.

Kirstin: But it was Entertaining wasn’t it? So it was kind of our fault.

Anna: True. But you can entertain without using recipes that require everything to be cooked in the last half hour, which means you can’t actually ‘entertain’. This book is, I think, back to good old Rachel o’Rachel. But grown up. And what I mean by that is her first few books, which I really liked, were low on photographs and kind of old style. This book has a similar style of recipes but now she’s clearly joined the legion of TV chefs and has to have a big posh hardback book full of photos to match.

Maureen: This looks really promising though. There’s lots of recipes in there that look like they’re quick to prepare, easy to make and will taste good.

Kirstin: No pictures of her kids in this one though…. those old books were all about her kids. All lifestyle. Oh look! There’s a recipe that requires a deep fat fryer so I can use my deep fat fryer.

Anna: The one I bought you which you’ve never used?

Kirstin: Yes, that one. The deserts look amazing!

Anna: They do. Hurrah for having the time to cook!

Maureen: Yes, hurrah! The thing that really bugs me about this book though is the “As Seen on TV” badge on the front. It’s really cheesy, but also, anything that boasts “As Seen on TV” makes we want to run a mile in the other direction. But I’m withholding any negative judgment for now.

Cookbook of the month, February 2012, Easy Meals by Rachel Allen

6 thoughts on “Cookbook of the month, February 2012, Easy Meals by Rachel Allen

  1. Ninjamoeba says:

    The last few books I’ve bought from amazon have all had totally obnoxious “as seen on the bbc” stickers.

    Luckily, they can be peeled off. Is it the case here?

    Also, according to amazon she’s an Irish Nigella? I hadn’t heard of her before.

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    Sadly, no, you can’t peel the sticker off, it’s part of the cover. Believe me, I’ve tried.

    I suppose you could call her an Irish Nigella. She’s on telly in Ireland quite a lot. Her culinary roots are the Ballymaloe Cooking School, where she still continues to teach.

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