“Spanish Omelette (tortilla)” from “River Cottage Family Cookbook”

Kirstin: I do like omelettes.

Tom: I’m not usually a huge fan. But I like the look of this. And you flipped it so beautifully.

Kirstin: That’s because I used my frittata flipper, which Christiana gave me!

Tom: Well, the result is a perfect-looking omelette — just right for a Sunday evening.

Kirstin: It’s better with a bit of salt.

Tom: So it is. But otherwise spot on. Was it a fiddle?

Kirstin: No. I had to slice some potatoes, but it was fine. And it wasn’t too thick. I would make that again. Perhaps with leftovers, like he suggests in the book, like chorizo or onions.

Tom: I like the sound of that!

Kirstin: Let’s do it.

Tom: Yes. Let’s!

“Spanish Omelette (tortilla)” from “River Cottage Family Cookbook”

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