Feast – our verdict

Maureen: This is definitely my favourite cookbook ever.

Kirstin: Mine too. I cooked lots from it this festive season, too much to actually blog. I loved finding some new recipes too.

Maureen: Oh yes, what did you find?

Kirstin: I had never noticed the curry chapter before.

Maureen: We had our usual lovely Christmas dinner with the Fully Festive Ham and many vegetable dishes from the Christmas/Thanksgiving chapter. I never really appreciated how many recipes I used from this book until I tallied them all up. Six out of the 10 things I make for Christmas dinner are from “Feast.”

Kirstin: If you don’t already own this book, then you should go and buy yourself a copy!

Maureen: I own a lot of cookbooks– if I had to guess, probably more than 130– but this one is definitely in my Top Five. If I had to pick a Desert Island Cookbook, this would be one of them. This is truly a fantastic cookbook.

Feast – our verdict

5 thoughts on “Feast – our verdict

  1. Ninjamoeba says:

    I was all set to buy how to eat next, but I asked a few posts back and was suggested to get Feast instead. I wasn’t sure, but now am I. Just waiting for the amazon delivery to here in the colonies.

    Maureen: 130?! Amazing. Although I can see how that could happen. My amazon wish list has about 90 items(!). Apparently Nigella has over 4000 titles in her collection, which seems an unimaginable figure.

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    “How to Eat” is a great book– it’s actually the first British cookbook I ever owned, but that’s another story– but “Feast” is better.

    As far as my cookbook count goes, I counted yesterday after I wrote that– for accuracy’s sake, obviously– and my number is 149. There may have been some rogue cookbooks in other rooms that I missed, but it’s still a staggeringly large number. I suppose if I were a millionaire married to a gazillionaire, like Nigella is, I suppose you could get up to 4,000 pretty easily. You could have a whole room dedicated to them and call it “The Cookbook Room.” Nice.

  3. njba says:

    Cookbook inflation—I suppose if you check again it might just be even higher. Maybe coobooks are like those annoying metal coathangers?

    It might be a pit of a pain so far as data entry goes, but have you considered a site like goodreads.com this for keeping track of your collection? Here’s my cookbook ‘shelf’ on the site: http://bit.ly/tYsWAb

  4. Feast is also one of my favourite books. I love the variety of recipes and regularly cook from this book throughout the year. The curry chapter is indeed wonderful – I highly recommend the Mughlai Chicken Curry! I really enjoyed reading your reviews of this book 🙂

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