“Keema” from “Feast”

This is from the menu for “Sunday Lunch after the Saturday Night Before.” We didn’t have it on a Sunday after a raucous night out. We just had it on a weeknight. I do suspect that Nigella lives a far more interesting life than we do. 

This really was quite good. If you’d like to try it yourself, Nigella has posted the recipe on her own website, so you can find that here.

Andrew (12): This is epic.

Nicholas (8): This is very good.

Maureen: The homemade naan bread that you made Tim is what really make this delicious.

Andrew: This is a nice summary of Indian food, with meat, spices, peas and naan bread.

Nicholas: Do you think we could get this at The Mogul?

Tim: Why would you want to do that when you could have it at home?

Andrew: Were the ingredients hard to get?

Maureen: Not at all. It’s all things I can find at the local store. Drings even had ready-made lamb mince. I thought they were going to have to mince it for me, but they had it standing by.

Andrew: I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Nicholas: Me too.

Tim: Why only a 9.5?

Andrew: I liked it a lot, but there are other dishes that I like more.

Maureen: I am utterly amazed that you guys liked this as much as you did. I never thought you would go for this. I am definitely making this again. Another rave review for Nigella!

Cook’s Notes: I had some leftover mince from the Rigatoni al Forno, so I used a 500g of lamb mince and 250g of beef mince, which seemed to work fine. I could see how this would be a good hangover cure, but saying that, it was delicious even with a clear head.

“Keema” from “Feast”

3 thoughts on ““Keema” from “Feast”

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      We actually had the Keema again, the day after a particularly raucous and fun Christmas party, and Nigella was right: it was the perfect thing when recovering from the night before. We will give her Korean keema a try too. Thanks for the recommendation.

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