“Scandi-Supper for Six” and “Chocolate Orange Cake” from Feast

Jen: That was an epic meal! Epic beef!

Kirstin: That was bloody good, that was. We cook this every New Year’s. I usually make gravlax too, but none tonight, again using a Nigella recipe. I even found the Ella’s hand drawn menu for last year’s celebration. Oh how I love this book.

Nancy: It was Master-ful…

Oliver: I though it was interesting that I could enjoy a piece of beef that much without a hint of tomato. It was so simple to have a green salad, potatoes with dill and salt, and the beef. It just tasted like it was the ingredients doing their thing.

Philip: I was surprised how much I liked the potatoes.

Nancy: It was just the crumbling of salt!

Philip: So what did the chef add?

Oliver: There’s no way to say this without sounding like an arsehole… The chefs actualised the ingredients.

Kirstin: Thank you Oli! We did! What did you all think of the dessert? Bear in mind, we have someone who eats gluten-free food and another who is allergic to nuts. So I made this flourless chocolate cake to suit all.

Tom: I love it when you make this cake. It makes the house smell delicious when you boil up the oranges.

Nancy: It’s so wonderfully moist.

Kirstin: This is my favourite flourless cake recipe. It’s so easy and yummy.

“Scandi-Supper for Six” and “Chocolate Orange Cake” from Feast

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