“Meatloaf” and “Heavenly Potatoes” from “Feast”

Maureen (looking at Andrew’s plate): You must have liked the meatloaf!

Andrew (12): Yes, it was nice. Please can I have some more?

Nicholas (8): Me too, please. Have you ever made this before?

Maureen: No.

Tim: I think it’s much nicer than the meatloaf that you usually make.

Maureen: The one I usually make is much more plain, with the only exotic thing about it the mixture of beef and pork mince. In this version, I like the egg in the middle, and I wasn’t sure about that initially. Also, in this version, you get pork by whizzing up streaky bacon, which is very clever.

Maureen: What do you think of the potatoes (pictured above, right)?

Tim: They’re good. They’re like potato dauphinoise, but light.

Maureen: You’re right. They are lighter. Where the potato dauphinoise I usually makes uses butter and double cream (Yum!), this one uses milk and sour cream instead. The funny thing about these is that they’re called “Funeral Potatoes” in Utah. Nigella says they’re a Mormon post-funeral specialty. I think we should call them Mormon potatoes instead. What do you think of the potatoes, Andrew?

Andrew: They’re OK. They lack a certain taste I’d expect from potatoes.

Maureen: Does anybody want to guess what the secret ingredient on the top is?

Tim: Panko crumbs?

Maureen: No.

Andrew: Doritoes?

Maureen: No.

Tim: Potato chips?

Maureen: No.

Nicholas: Deep-fried fish skin?

Maureen (laughing): No. Should I put you out of your misery? They’re crushed corn flakes.

Andrew: I should have known! I have them every morning for breakfast!

Maureen: Would you like me to make it again?

Everyone: Yes!

Cook’s Notes: I slightly cheated on this, because Nigella wants you to use veal cut into cubes as the main meat. The problem was we had it on a Sunday and had used no forethought whatsoever on Saturday to get ingredients, which meant we had to source what we needed from the Greenwich Trinity of Chain Supermarkets: The Cooperative, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencers. Needless to say, none of them had veal to hand. But this recipe worked just as well with humble beef mince. Besides, I can think of much better uses for veal rather than putting it in a meatloaf.

Also, she tells you to cook the meatloaf wrapped in cling film. “Seriously?” I thought. “There’s no way that will work. The cling film will melt.” But I’m here to tell you that it actually did, and there was no melting plastic anywhere. It made it a million times easier to cut up the meatloaf, because you could take the whole thing out of the pan first. Result! Thanks Nigella.

“Meatloaf” and “Heavenly Potatoes” from “Feast”

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