“Lime and lemongrass chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

Anna: Chef-husband, what did you think about this recipe then?

Peter: The paste was relatively easy to make.  But you thought the chicken needed more time.

Anna: Yes. Only because she called for chicken thighs, cut in half, which are quite big pieces. And they weren’t properly browned before you added the coconut milk.

Peter: I was just following the recipe.

Anna: I know you were. That’s all that’s been asked of you too! But it did mean that I felt we needed to keep them cooking in the sauce for longer than the stated 10 minutes total, just to make sure they were properly cooked.

Peter: The whole recipe was very quick and if the timings had been correct it would have been extremely easy to do.  We used six thighs based on the weight guidelines she gives. She called for four, so there must be some extremely large chickens in Australia…..

Anna: I really liked this, as a quick and fresh alternative to a Thai green curry. The flavours were delicious, and I’m a big fan of spinach which is added at the last minute.  The fact that you found it easy to cook means I love recipe this even more. I can forgive her the timings for the chicken as most cooks would be able to work around that easily.

Peter: I’d be happy to cook it, and eat it, again.

Anna: Hurrah!

“Lime and lemongrass chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

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