“Maple-Glazed Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

Andrew (12): I’m not sure about this. It’s too sweet and too spicy at the same time. Not a great combination.

Nicholas (8): I agree. What would happen if you combined sweet and sour at the same time?

Maureen: You’d get sweet and sour chicken from a Chinese restaurant. Yum.

Tim: Or sweet and sour pork from the same place. Yum. But this is not either of those things. What do you think?

Maureen: It’s not setting my world on fire. It’s fine, but it’s nothing to write about. (Editor’s Note: And yet, here I am…) What do you think?

Tim: I’d rather have sweet and sour chicken.

Maureen: I hate to say it, but yet again, Donna got her timings all wrong.

Tim: Were the timings too long or too short?

Maureen: Too short, and that’s the last thing you want, undercooked chicken. I had to add another four minutes to the cooking time. I also put a lid on the saucepan when it wasn’t cooking fast enough, so the chicken could get poached in the maple syrup.

Tim: So when do you boys think you’ll like spicy foods?

Both (with gusto): NEVER!

“Maple-Glazed Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

2 thoughts on ““Maple-Glazed Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

  1. njba says:

    Confession: I feel a tang of schadenfreude whenever one of her recipes doesn’t wow. It just proves my thesis that secretly she hates food.

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      You made me laugh when I read that. But having now done a few recipes out of this book– and these are my first Donna Hay recipes– I agree with you. Sure, they get food on the table. But do they show any love or attention to the ingredients or the process of cooking? No.

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