“Sticky Chilli Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

Ella: I could eat this every day. Forever.

Miles: I like the rice.

Ella: He always likes the rice.

Miles: This chicken is a bit coughy. But it’s a bit delicious.

Kirstin: That might be the small amount of chilli…

Miles: Chilli-lady!

Ella: (death stare)

Kirstin: This is much yummier than it smelt as I was cooking it up. Vinegar never smells good when it’s being boiled. But it was totally worth it and extremely easy to cook.

Miles: I’m going to have some more rice!

Kirstin: Should I cook this again?

Ella: Yes please.

Miles: No! Thank you.

“Sticky Chilli Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

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