Jamie’s Great Britain – our verdict

Maureen: I think frankly all his best books are behind him.

Kirstin: So true. I don’t like his vision of Great Britain.

Maureen: And he just modified a lot of his older recipes. And most of his older recipes were better anyway; in fact all of his older recipes were better.

Kirstin: I have to admit I didn’t cook much from this book. I really struggled to find anything I wanted to eat from it.

Maureen: And the problem was that almost all of the recipes were weekend elaborate meals, not ones that you could bang up on a week night.

Kirstin: And none that our children were going to like, to be honest. Indeed I kept cooking from Bill this month because there were more recipes I wanted to try. And the kids loved those!

Maureen: The other thing that killed me about this book because you know this is going to be a Christmas bestseller but it’s his worst book to date. Which is saying a lot after the 30 minutes. The shame of it is that Lucas Hollweg‘s book was so much better and it will sell a mere fraction of the copies this one will sell.

Kirstin: I was going to give my copy away but managed to get a stain on it…gah! It’s going to have to go to a charity shop.


Jamie’s Great Britain – our verdict

5 thoughts on “Jamie’s Great Britain – our verdict

  1. Georgia Cameron-Clarke says:

    Shame; the intentions are good. I’m still happily working my way through Bill’s Asian, too. And Basics for that matter. They all work so well!

  2. J says:

    I have to agree, much as I still love Jamie Oliver, his Naked Chef days were so much better, I think possibly like you say he’s done all his good recipes now, he did them back then and also back then I think he was a little more grounded in the day to day reality the rest of us live in.

    I have yet to cook from Bill’s Asian, although I know it’s going to be brill. I’ve been cooking from Hugh FWs Veg Everyday and it’s brilliant, I can thoroughly recommend it!

  3. Maureen Stapleton says:

    I had 30 minutes to get dinner on the table on Friday– we had to rush off to a Halloween costume competition (priorities!) and I returned to the amazing salmon recipe I made from Bill’s Asian to do it. I got it all done with minutes to spare. Go Bill!

    The main problem with this book is that all of the recipes are going to take a fair amount of time and effort to get on to the table. I’m not opposed to expending time and effort when it comes to cooking, obviously, but really that only works on weekends.

    I feel bad saying that Jamie’s best books are behind him, but it’s true.

  4. annastamour says:

    This is what happens when a publisher pushes book sales over quality. And sadly Jamie has fallen right into the trap. Surely he’s confident in his celebrity enough to say no to Mr Publisher, just one Christmas? Reissue the old books Jamie! Honestly.

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