“Toad in the Hole” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Or to be more accurate, maybe we should call it, “Deconstructed Toad in the Hole.”

Tim: I thought Toad in the Hole was supposed to have the batter and sausage together.

Maureen: Yes, me too. It doesn’t seem like it would be Toad in the Hole when it’s this way– with the batter separate from the sausages. This seems more like sausages with a side of Yorkshire pudding.

Tim: What’s the point of doing it this way? Maybe it’s to mess up more pans.

Nicholas (8): I like it this way.

Maureen: Wow! Look at that! You’re already eaten all of the batter! What do you think, Andrew?

Andrew (11): It’s alright.

Maureen: Do you think you would like it better if it were together, like Toad in the Hole usually is?

Andrew: Yes.

Maureen: I really don’t know why he’s calling this Toad in the Hole. I’ve checked and Wikipedia says Toad in the Hole should have the sausages and Yorkshire pudding together. I have no idea what Jamie is trying to here. When I make Toad in the Hole again, I’m going to do it the proper way. This is just silly.

The Same, But Different: Jamie did a recipe for a proper Toad in the Hole in his “Happy Days with the Naked Chef” cookbook. I think that version is much better. To see for yourself, the recipe can be found on the Jamie Oliver site here. As discussed above, this new version is just like a deconstructed Toad in the Hole, with the batter separate from the sausages. The apple-onion gravy was very nice, but it still wasn’t Toad in the Hole.

“Toad in the Hole” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

5 thoughts on ““Toad in the Hole” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

  1. sam says:

    Just thought I’d point out that if you actually read the recipe from the book, Jamie introduces this one by explaining that, although a traditional toad in the hole does indeed consist of the sausage (‘toad’) being cooked in the batter (‘hole’), he decides against this method here. He cooks them separately to prevent the sausage from becoming “soggy” and “anaemic” as the half of the sausage which cooks in the batter tends to almost boil, making it an unpleasant texture.
    The result of this method is that the sausages are evenly cooked through and of a much nicer texture all over.

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    Yes, I read that part in the introduction, but I stand by what we were saying, which was, “Don’t call it Toad in the Hole if it’s not Toad in the Hole.” As I wrote in the very first line, call it Deconstructed Toad in the Hole or something similar, but NOT Toad in the Hole, because it isn’t. This is just sausages with onion gravy and a side of Yorkshire Pudding.

    Thanks for reading and for commenting.

    1. annastamour says:

      I agree Maureen. Interestingly Nigella does a version of Toad in the Hole in Kitchen where she makes the sausage meat into little patties and fries them first before adding the ‘hole’ mixture, thus getting around the anaemic sausage problem but still ending up with a proper Toad in the Hole.

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