“Fresh Tomato Soup” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Andrew (12): Is this a Jamie Oliver recipe?

Maureen: Yes. We’re still eating from the delights of Great Britain’s kitchens. Why do you ask?

Andrew: Because it looks… interesting.

Maureen: Good interesting or bad interesting?

Andrew: In the middle interesting.

Maureen: Hmm. So what do you think?

Andrew: It’s a bit too tomatoey. All I can taste is tomato and nothing else. So that decreases its grade slightly.

Maureen: Jamie says that it “pays respect to that iconic Heinz tinned soup that we’ve all grown up loving.” But if I wanted Heinz tomato soup, I would just buy some. It would save me a lot of trouble.

Nicholas: The bread is much better.

Maureen: The bread is called “Little Cheddar Soldiers.” They’re delicious. I’ll make these again with soup.

Andrew: The bread is better, but the soup is just alright. Overall, I’m going to have to give it a thumbs down.

Nicholas: I agree. I would give the soup a thumbs down, but the bread a thumbs up.

Here’s a nice closeup of the Little Cheddar Soldiers. 

Maureen: We’ve had Jamie Oliver tomato soup before. The infamous month of 30 minute meals. That was the night we had (pause to gather oneself before expected reaction) the prune dessert.

Andrew and Nicholas (simultanously): AHHHHHH! NOOOOOO! Not the prune dessert!

Maureen: That was a night to remember. Or not to remember, depending how how you feel about “baking” in a microwave. But actually, I liked that tomato soup better. You roasted the tomatoes and added red onions and balsamic vinegar, which made it sweeter. I would make that tomato soup again, but not this one.

(The nice people at the Daily Mail still have the recipe online for all of the meal. But please, for the love of food and all that is good, do NOT make the prune dessert.)

The Same, But Different: Jamie loves tomato soup. As already discussed, he had another recipe for it in “30 Minute Meals”, which I thought was much better. He had a similar recipe in “Ministry of Food,” which also used carrots, but also added celery and onions. In “Jamie’s Dinners,” he had yet another version, where he wrote, “I’ve made all sorts of different tomato soups over the years and this is probably one of the simplest and tastiest.” I wonder if he would still say the same thing. Having made all of them at one time or another, I still think the “30 Minute Meals” version (minus the prune dessert) is the best.

“Fresh Tomato Soup” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

2 thoughts on ““Fresh Tomato Soup” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

  1. Adeline says:

    So what were your feelings about the prune dessert? Don’t hold back 😀
    I’ve done the 30 minute meals tomato soup and it’s my favorite ever. I think it’s easy, tasty and delicious. I won’t be trying this one, then, but he cheddar soldiers look great.

  2. Maureen Stapleton says:

    The cheddar soldiers were delicious, but like I said in the post, the 30 minute tomato soup was better. Maybe the ideal would be that recipe with these cheddar soldiers!

    Yes, the prune dessert still brings back terrifying memories…

    Thanks for reading!

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