“White Pepper Skate” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Georgia: The fish was epic. And it tasted… fishy!

Tom: I liked the spicy crust. What was in it?

Kirstin: Fennel and white peppercorns. Miles said he didn’t like it, but he ate all of his!

Ella: I don’t mind it, but I don’t really like the crusty bit.

Kirstin: Turn the fish over! There’s more!

Ella: I’ve had enough, thank you.

Tom: I don’t think there’s a tidy way to eat skate.

Kirstin: And I watched the video on Jamie’s website of how to remove the bone! I can’t understand why the fishmonger doesn’t do that. But it was super easy to do and you know, if I’m stuck in a jungle trying to remove bones from a skate, I know what to do…

Tom: Would you make this again?

Kirstin: No. It’s too much of  a faff.

Ella: I wouldn’t eat it again, unless my life depended on it.

Tom: If you had to cook skate, would you cook this recipe?

Kirstin: No, I’d stick with Jamie’s old recipe, with radicchio and pancetta in it. I used to cook that every week and it was yum!

“White Pepper Skate” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

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