“Bill’s Everyday Asian” – our verdict

Anna: The tricky thing is I haven’t been able to make much from it.

Kirstin: I’ve made you a couple of recipes though.

Anna: Well, you have. And I have cooked a couple of things that I haven’t had time to put up on the blog.

Kirstin: I have a couple of those too.

Anna: And the conclusion from that is that there’s loads of recipes in this book that we wanted to cook, and did cook… well you and Maureen!

Kirstin: And I loved the photography. I thought it was inspirational. Mikkel Vang is my hero.

Anna: So, here’s the thing for me. There’s yummy salads for spring and summer. There’s easy go to recipes for noodles and stir frys and then there’s fancier things for dinner parties and for me this is the beauty of Bill and the way he writes his books.

Kirstin: I loved that everything was so easy to make. It really was an Everyday Book. Unusually for a cookbook, I was able to make things throughout the week that the children could also eat and I’m hoping that a trip to Asia might be on the cards since they really enjoyed the food, even chillis.

Anna: Well there’s a resounding success.

“Bill’s Everyday Asian” – our verdict

6 thoughts on ““Bill’s Everyday Asian” – our verdict

  1. Em says:

    Hi, just to say that I love your blog! It’s a really great idea and also very nicely written!
    I found it after I already ordered the book and I also like it a lot. I have cooked many more dishes from it already than I have from any other of my cook books! And I was inspired to cook some dishes I might otherwise not have bothered with after reading your blog so thanks for that! I read that you might have cooked more dishes than the ones you blogged about and would be keen to find out what you thought of them as well.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed cooking from Bill’s Everyday Asian so far and have been reading your reviews with interest. Most of the recipes which I have tried so far (perhaps not including the Sweetcorn Soup) have been great and I can’t wait to cook more from this book.

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