“Vietnamese pork chops” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Miles: Is this chewy chicken?

Kirstin: No, it’s pork.

Miles: It’s awesome!

Ella: It’s yummy. But I didn’t like the fatty bits.

Kirstin: Oscar the cat liked it too.

Tom: Did he get any of the sauce? He likes sauce.

Kirstin: No, of course not!

Tom: Well, I liked the sauce. If it has fish sauce in it, I’ll eat it! Yum!

Kirstin: This was the loveliest pork I’ve made sinceā€¦ well, the last lovely pork. The pork was so very tender.

Tom: It was.

Kirstin: I’d make that every week. I’ve never found a pork recipe that the children would eat. Pork recipes normally involve butter, cream or alcohol. And this one doesn’t have any of those. Hey, maybe if we keep working on the children with this Asian food, we can take them to Thailand. Wow, Miles, good eating! You’ve done really well!

Miles: I really liked this beef.

Kirstin: It’s pork!

“Vietnamese pork chops” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

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