“Thai fishcakes”, “Thai green chicken curry” and “Lime jelly with lychees” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Tom: Wow. A Thai feast.

Anna: If we were at your mum’s, we’d have those lovely crunchy things!

Tom: Kroepoek? Yes, my mum does Indonesian ones. But yes. I know what you mean. Anyway, the fishcakes were fantastic. What was in the relish that made it sweet?

Anna: Sugar.

Tom: Ah. Yes. That would do it. Well, that combination of sweetness and chilli was excellent.

Anna: And sourness, with the vinegar. The fishcakes had just the right amount of authentic rubberiness!

Tom: Res. Rey rere reary rubbery.

Kirstin: You can’t say that!

Anna: But the recipe called for three tablespoons of red curry paste, and ours is so hot I only put one in. It could have taken a bit more.

Peter: It’s a balance. Because too much curry paste and you create your own nuclear winter.

Kirstin: It helps you cycle faster, right?

Peter: You could say that.  These were really good.

Anna: How did this green curry paste compare with the other curry pastes you’ve made from scratch, Kirstin?

Kirstin: It wasn’t the best. I don’t think it was as fragrant enough. It was a bit yellower than normal. But it smelled amazing when it was frying up. I ran out of green chillies so it wasn’t as hot as it was meant to be.

Anna: Which was fine by me. You’re right, it wasn’t as fragrant as you’d expect. It had no coriander leaves! Bill says he wrestled with the decision about whether the world needed another green curry recipe. How do you go about inventing a new green curry paste? David Thompson sets the standard. And then there’s Nigel’s, Jamie’s…..

Kirstin: Nigel’s is a stringy green curry paste. This was a nicer consistency.

Tom: Well I liked the aubergines. I didn’t think I would, but they were a really good vehicle for the sauce.

Anna: They soaked it up, and weren’t too soggy. I liked it a lot…

Kirstin: But I don’t think I’d make it again. That said, if I wanted a green curry, I might use this recipe and buy a green curry paste.

Anna: The stuff we get lasts forever. It doesn’t have a best before date! It worries me sometimes. It’s been in the fridge for three years and we still use it. I’ve never been sick though.

Peter: I like these vodka jellies. I’m getting lime.

Anna: It wasn’t totally set, so it felt a little like one of those dodgy cocktails I used to make at university.

Kirstin: Ah, that was my fault again. I couldn’t find any powdered gelatine. So I had to use the leaves. Next time I am so sourcing the powder because these tasted amazing.

Anna: They are very boozy!

Kirstin: There’s not that much vodka in them….

Anna: But there’s lots of sugar right? You know what the consequences are when you mix too much sugar and alcohol!  Lychee anyone?

“Thai fishcakes”, “Thai green chicken curry” and “Lime jelly with lychees” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

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