“Chicken & Cashew Chicken” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Andrew (11): So what are we eating this month?

Maureen: Asian food.

Andrew: This will be a fun one, then.

Maureen: Are you being sarcastic?

Andrew: Yes. Because the only fun Asian food is chicken curry. And sushi. But that’s it.

Maureen: This is chicken curry, though.

Nicholas (8): I like this, actually!

Maureen: What??? There’s chilli in it, you know.

Nicholas: I like that it’s not spicy. I like the peanuts. It’s simple. I would like you to make this again, very much.

Andrew (shocked at the revelation): Wait! Rewind! How can this be?

Maureen: What do you think about it, Andrew.

Andrew (not very enthusiastically): It’s nice.

Nicholas: This is one of my favourite meals in the cookbook.

Maureen (laughing): But this is the first thing I’ve made from this cookbook! What do you think, Tim?

Tim: I think it’s a little plain. What do you think?

Maureen: That’s probably why Nicholas likes it. There’s no kick to it. The thing I don’t like about it, which I know is ridiculous, is the chicken being cooked on the bone. It’s making it too fiddly to get to the meat.

Tim: I’m sure you could make it with chicken breasts.

Maureen: Probably. But I don’t think I would make this again. It’s OK, but it’s not setting my world on fire.

Tim: I agree. Do you know what I like best about this recipe? The volcanic yellow stain the curry powder leaves on the tablecloth.

Maureen: Well, it’s something to remember it by. We just have to remember to clean up quickly so we don’t end up with yellow patches all over the dining room table.

“Chicken & Cashew Chicken” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

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