“Sticky Soy Chicken” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”.

Tom: Well I had a feeling I was going to like this, and I do.

Ella: This is heaven.

Kirstin: Have you tried dipping it in the chilli sauce?

Ella: Oh yes, I love it even more in the sauce.

Tom: What I was surprised by is that you can taste the marinade in the meat. Not just on the skin. It really does infuse the flavour of the whole chicken.

Kirstin: I had to put the marinade inside the chicken too.

Tom: Aha.

Miles: I am not trying that sauce. I don’t like sauces.

Kirstin: You don’t like gravy either, do you?

Miles: No.

Tom: I suspect that pan will be difficult to clean after. The sauce is really glued onto it.

Kirstin: So next time I make it, I’ll put foil on the bottom of the tray.

Tom: Genius.

Kirstin: Because there will be a next time.

Ella: Yay! Can we have this next Tuesday?

Kirstin: This will definitely become an everyday recipe for us. Thank you Bill.

Tom: Yay! Go Bill.

“Sticky Soy Chicken” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”.

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