“A Taste of Home” – our verdict

Anna: Lovely Angela! This has been a good book this month. This is a book I will definitely cook from again.

Kirstin: Oh yes, and there are recipes I still want to make from it. And some I cooked, took pics of and then never posted.

Anna: Me too! There are loads of recipes I want to do in the autumn. Some of the stews and the casseroles. I did have that one mishap with the salmon noodle thing where the quantities were all wrong. But I’ll forgive her for that.

Kirstin: I have thoroughly enjoyed this month. I think my favourites were the ones I cooked in Italy. But that might have been because the tomatoes tasted so much more amazing over there.

Anna: Thank you Angela for a good month!

Kirstin: Angela, you rock!

“A Taste of Home” – our verdict

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