“Rigatoni with Aubergine” from ” A Taste of Home”

Anna: You’ve just said she’s ruined aubergines.

Kirstin: She has. I like my aubergines crunchy. These are soggy and taste of vinegar. I mean what was the point of frying them if we then had to stick them in the sauce like that?

Anna: I don’t mind a soggy aubergine and I don’t mind the taste of vinegar, but I can hear what you’re saying. We think perhaps this would work better if you added the vinegar to the tomatoes first and then added the aubergine.

Kirstin: And use tinned tomatoes. Much as I want to believe tomatoes in this country are any good at all, sadly they just fail on every level. And that’s not lovely Angela’s fault.

Anna: This was quite a dry pasta and maybe it’s because of the tomato problem. But the cheese is good. I am a big fan of the cheese. In fact, if I was to rename this salty cheesey pasta with a few tomatoes and aubergines, this would be a fantastic dish.

Kirstin: The aubergines absorbed all that juice. I can’t eat any more.

Anna: Which aubergine dishes do you normally make?

Kirstin: I think I combine several now. There’s the one from Market Kitchen and the one from River Cafe. We used pecorino instead of ricotta salata as recommended by our resident Italian, Cristiana!

Anna: This isn’t going to replace your aubergine favourite, is it?

Kirstin: No. Sadly it won’t. And I do love aubergine as a meat substitute.  And now would you like some of that salty caramel ice cream?

Anna: Oh yes! I want to see if it’s as good as the salted butter caramel ice cream I had in Uzes which was possibly the most divine thing I’d ever eaten……

“Rigatoni with Aubergine” from ” A Taste of Home”

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