Cookbook of the Month, August 2011, A Taste of Home by Angela Hartnett

Kirstin: Look at her smiley face!

Anna: I’m looking forward to this because I’ve always admired Angela Hartnett. I’ve never been to Murano, her restaurant, but I’ve always liked her recipes when she’s been on the telly.

Kirstin: Yes, the reason I bought this book was that I was doing the ironing, and she came on. She was like a breath of fresh air. I went out immediately to buy this book….

Anna: Why?

Kirstin: Because she was really practical. And she used a lot of chorizo.

Anna: She’s very down to earth.

Kirstin: And she has this very Italian/Mediterranean angle.

Anna: Because she is Italian, or her Grandmother is Italian. Or something. There are lot of things in this book I want to cook, and not only that, there are things I know I’ll cook in the autumn. So I won’t necessarily do them this month. But I can already see that I’ll keep this book to hand.

Tom: Isn’t it a bit early to say that? The recipes could be a disaster? Though I must admit they do look good.

Anna: They do.

Kirstin: Oh, chorizo! She has so much yummy chorizo in lots of her recipes.

Anna: I am doing the chorizo risotto! I have dibs on that.

Kirstin: What, she has a chorizo risotto? I am looking at the recipes and my mouth is watering.

Anna: We will have to negotiate on which recipes we’ll cook.

Kirstin (still flipping the pages): Oh, wow…

Anna: We may have to play rock, paper, scissors to decide.

Kirstin: I can’t speak. I want to cook all of these. And look at the pictures!

Anna: But a lot of her recipes have brown shrimp. Where do you get those from?

Kirstin: Well, you can do those. Then I can do the ones with chorizo! Ah! I want to do this! Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with potatoes underneath! Oh my god! Four hours! It looks amazing. My mouth is literally watering.

Anna: And there’s a slow cooked belly of pork.

Kirstin: Oh my…let’s get to it.

Cookbook of the Month, August 2011, A Taste of Home by Angela Hartnett

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